The best passwordless authentication tools 2023: A guide to passwordless authentication flows

The best passwordless authentication tools 2023: A guide to passwordless authentication flows

The best passwordless authentication software tools deliver a seamless customer experience, enabling your customers to log in and authenticate their identity and account ownership without using passwords. Passwordless Authentication is an effective tool that removes the requirement for users to enter a password at login or authenticate a challenge thereafter.

Passwordless Authentication is the next step in the evolution of account authentication, removing the requirement to enter a username and password at login, enabling your customers to do away with passwords. The best passwordless Authentication tools like Authsignal, AuthO, and Du0, along with Multi-factor Authentication, are some of the best software you can deploy as line defence to mitigate account takeovers and fraud.

Passwordless authentication flows

Passwordless authentication flows are now frequently deployed by businesses to enable a best-in-class user experience. Often dropped in after the login screen, where a user's actions are sensitive or present a higher risk, passwordless authentication methods such as TOTP, OTP or Yubikey security key can be triggered to approve a large purchase, update PII, or authenticate a new device on the account.

The best passwordless authentication tools often support the following features:

 Flexibility to drop their solution into your identity or software stack anywhere  in the customer journey. Modern authentication tools accommodate the ability  to trigger authentication challenges at any point in your application or website.

Multiple Authentication Methods - support for many types of                        authentication, e.g. SMS, Authentication apps, push notifications or Fido2               WebAuthn. Importantly the capability to force specific types of authentication       when needed.

  Out-of-the-box integrations - the ability to integrate with your existing tools.    like Auth0, Twillio, Messagebird and Microsoft Azure B2C. Integrations enable        the acceleration of deployment and reduce long deployment times.

   A single view of the customer - Monitoring user activity and behaviour is a       key component to enabling a best-in-class customer experience. Your                         authentication software should provide audit trails and dashboards to manage         user activity and authentication history.

  No-code-rules engine - the best passwordless authentication software tools         come with a no-code-rules engine. This allows fraud and operational teams to         design passwordless flows with ease and implement customer controls and               security policies without having to hard code rules. Importantly it reduces the         engineering cost and time as non-technical users can manage the building of             rules.

The best passwordless authentication tools for 2023

  1. AuthO. Founded in 2013, Auth0 is a well-established software authentication platform that offers large and small businesses the ability to authenticate and authorise users. They offer a secure login, bot detection and access management features. You can read more here.
  2. Authsignal focused on the authentication and orchestration of customer journeys. Authsignal enables businesses to drop in passwordless authentication into any technology stack with less than 2 hours of work. Offering a full suite of identity and fraud mitigation tools, businesses can leverage Authsignal to onboard customers, detect fraud and secure customer journeys. They offer a free account. Get started with a free account 👉  here.
  3. Microsoft Azure b2c - focused on providing a full identity service from customer record management to authentication. Microsoft has extended their enterprise suite of tools to support more authentication services. You can learn more about Azure b2c identity here.
  4. Okta - Okta offers an enterprise-ready authentication solution. It provides many of the needed factors for authentication, including enterprise-ready PIV/Smart-card-based authentication for banking.


If you're looking to better understand how best to deploy Passwordless Authentication, we talk about some key considerations over at our blog.